Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BEST Christmas Present Ever!

Due to all of the snow in VA lately, only one of our doors, the back one, has easy access. But, we don't have a key for that door, so, we've been taking turns stumbling through the snow to the front door to let everyone else in the back.

On Christmas Eve, after our Herring family party, it was my turn. I stumbled through the snow and around the corner to see a package on the front porch (poor postman). I pick it up expecting it to be my Dad's Christmas present (which actually came 2 days AFTER Christmas), to see, "From: Elder Tyler LaMont Herring, To: The Family"


Well, traditionally, we only open one present - pajamas - on Christmas Eve. I begged and we opened Ty's gift then too. In it was the most awesome Christmas present EVER:

So, if you know my brother, you know that he doesn't smile in a picture - ever! He's SMILING!!! We know he's in the right place now! I hope you can click on it and enjoy the full effect of this awesome gift that brought us to tears. :)

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